Ive often wondered about how much emphasis is placed on flight routes when people are investing in property. OK, the answer is pretty obvious – a very great deal! If you are searching for a second home in the south of France, then you can be fairly sure that there will always be plenty of flights to Nice from the major UK airports.

What if you live in Norwich though, and found a really good investment deal, but dont relish the constant drive down to Stansted to catch Easyjets flights to Nice? With Flybe having recently added Nice flights from Southampton and Exeter, is there a chance that theyd also start a route there from Norwich? Maybe, but I wouldnt advise making an investment decision on it. However, you do still have plenty of other options.

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Ryanair have recently announced flights to Maribor in Slovenia – this looks like an area which is set to see plenty of growth, but would you want to risk buying property there, only to find out that the route gets axed? Maybe, at least there are other alternatives via Ljubljana, or perhaps even Graz, just across the border in Austria. But at the moment, this part of the world is still not so easy to get to from outside London. A good investment is always a better one when it is easy to reach from the whole of the UK, not just one region.


I dont know if wed be in a position to offer this advice to individuals or companies on a commercial basis, but I certainly love the guesswork.

Some factors worth looking at would include:

  1. Is the local airport expanding, or applying for permission to do so.
  2. Is there local community support for expansion.
  3. Have airlines made comments about intentions to grow there.
  4. Does the local government have plans to encourage tourism – or discourage flying.
  5. Is there an opportunity for traffic to flow in both directions (very relevant for the new EU entrants).
  6. How stable are existing routes – be careful about anywhere with just one 3x weekly Ryanair route from Stansted.

It is certainly worth being cautious about the intensely speculative nature of air routes – they are so much more vulnerable to change than road or rail developments, which rely far more on fixed infrastructure.

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