Adds popping up in the screen and coming all over the page is the most annoying thing that can happen to your browser. These adds are either installed automatically while installing other programs or by any external means. But dont worry. Removing these adds from the browser is simple. Follow these steps to remove these annoying adds from the computer.

1. Removing Adds From The Browser

  • On the top right of the browser, below the exit button; there is a menu button. Click on the Menu button
  • Then go to More Tools -> Extensions
  • Now you have to find the unwanted extensions that you have installed by mistake and disable and uninstall it. You can find the name of the extension by looking in the top right side or bottom right side of the adds that you get (generally these are the website names like or something like that). Once you got the name go to extensions and uninstall it.


2 . Removing The Add Applications From The Computer

  • Go to start and on the search bar type Add Remove Programs
  • On the Add Remove Programs search for the unknown application program that have been installed (like discussed for the extensions). Generally it is installed automatically with another application or some sort of update applications. Also you can examine the publisher section for understanding which program to remove.
  • Find and uninstall it.
  • Also sometimes you may not find a program then leave this step.

3.  Final And The Most Important Step From Preventing Your Browser From Popups And On Page Adds. Install Adblock Plus

  • Open and search for Adblock Plus
  • Install the plugin for the browser and Enable it.
  • You are done!!
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