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Stephanie Daniels,

Engineer and Project Designer

Stephanie Daniels is a Senior Engineer for Lockheed Martin. Her contributions to the INFLIGHT, LLC, team are immeasurable and include an extensive knowledge of advanced maths and sciences. Her Masters of Engineering degree from Villanova University and job experiences give her both a formal and a practical understanding of the engineering process. She, along with her father, Eugene, provide depth and uniqueness to our team particularly in the areas of research, development, and project design.  

In addition to her work at INFLIGHT, LLC, Stephanie has over 10 years experience as a volunteer teacher in community partnership engineering programs. These programs places engineers in the classroom and introduces K -8 students to the concepts of designing for problem solving. The sum total of these work, community and INFLIGHT,LLC experiences empowers Stephanie with the knowledge and skills to ignite a passion for science and engineering within younger learners.

Eugene Daniels,

"The Flying Man"

Licensed UAV Pilot 

The story of INFLIGHT, LLC begins with Eugene Daniels, a drone enthusiast and former Network Engineer.  In 2016, Eugene's passion for all things wireless led him to pursue a UAV pilot's license. His flying sessions over the Delaware River gained him local recognition as "The Flying Man."  As he flew, children, single adults, and parents routinely stopped to ask questions about this, then new, technology.

As spontaneous conversations about motion, flight, lift, speed, repeatedly took place, Eugene, and his wife Robin, a certified teacher and administrator, noticed a recurring pattern. Many children lacked access to emerging technologies and many attended schools for which there were minimal resources available for technologies beyond, perhaps, computers and laptops. Through concern and investigation into STEM programs, INFLIGHT, LLC was born. It was created as a self-sufficient STEM program provider to help bridge the technology gap in resources and instruction. 

Eugene is a graduate of Grambling University in Grambling, Louisiana where he earned a Bachelors in Business Administration. His work also includes extensive managerial and operations experience as a record- holding Area Manager with Anheuser-Busch, Inc. and multiple certifications as a Network Engineer. His career contributions also include work in research, development, and project management. 

Robin Daniels, EdD.

 Administrator, Professional Development Trainer 

Robin Daniels is a consummate teacher, a certified administrator, and a professional developer in culturally responsive instruction, racial dynamics in schools and restorative practices. In addition, Robin serves as a trainer for the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) which is the educational wing of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

In her work with INFLIGHT, LLC, she provides oversight of the lessons developed to ensure appropriate instructional practices, and alignment

with NGSS scientific and engineering practices.

Robin holds two Masters' degrees, one in education and the other in theology, and a doctorate in educational leadership. Her alma maters include Harvard University, Hamilton College, Rowan University and the University of Scranton. Her contributions to the INFLIGHT, LLC team include a background in curriculum, instruction, administration, and professional development.

Meet the Team 

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