Teaching Scientific and Engineering Practices 

 Physical Computing - Drones - Sensors - Coding - Circuitry - Robotics 

Full and Multi-day programs for grades K -8 are available upon request. A full day consists of six hours of STEM instruction via science, physics,  or engineering- related projects. INFLIGHT, LLC's instructional teams typically consist of two - three people whose certifications include teaching, UAV piloting, network and/or electrical engineering. 

In our commitment to build partnerships with educational communities of all kinds, INFLIGHT, LLC offers services during non-traditional hours and locations. Whether we teach physical computing in a traditional classroom or coding in a community center, our identity as a self-sufficient technology provider gives us maximum flexibility in providing students' access to STEM/STEAM resources. 

Serving the Greater Philadelphia Area            Registered New Jersey Vendor    Member NJPSA     Contact Us: (609) 670-0629   

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