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InFlight, LLC's robotics and engineering programs are designed to reach and engage students to increase their exposure to STEM experiences and concepts. With this mission, InFlight, LLC offers  a variety of services that enable STEM education to take place during non-traditional times and in non-traditional locations. Whether we are in classrooms or community centers, InFlight, LLC comes equipped with the technology needed for program implementation. 

For more information on InFlight, LLC's services, see Contact Us.  


Full/Half Day STEAM Programs

Scientific methods and the engineering design process are familiar tools to students who are consistently engaged in STEAM education programs. InFLIGHT, LLC uses these tools in developing activities that support learning and skills acquisition.  

Saturday, Afterschool, and Summer Programs

Because learning shouldn't stop when the last bell rings, we provide flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your students and academic programs. 

Connecting STEAM activities to PBSIS and Renaissance Programs

Why limit STEAM activities to a special event, class, or grade? Use robotics as a means of providing STEAM experiences as part of a school-wide PBSIS (Positive Behavior Supports in School) program.