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Cultural Literacy and Restorative Practices

Student Writing

Professional Learning 

  • The Transformative Mindsets of Culturally Responsive Practitioners

  • Understanding and Teaching Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline​

Participants: Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Building and Central Office Administrators

Developing biases on the basis of race, gender, social class, or any other identity marker is an unavoidable part of human socialization. When these often unconscious biases become codified and embedded within school cultures, curriculum, and instruction, they create adverse experiences for our most vulnerable students. This workshop series introduces educators to the dynamics of teaching and leading in schools when cultural and/or economic disparities exist. It imparts to participants specific skills and courses of action that reduce biases, facilitate better teacher-student relationships, and improve school culture and climate. 

  • Strategies for Overcoming Racialized Behaviors in the Classroom

  • Strategies for Eliminating Racial Biases in the Classroom

Participants: Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Administrators, Students, Any Team or Collaborative Group

The alarming rise in racialized behaviors within our schools and classrooms call for direct knowledge of how to understand, address, and curtail these behaviors. This professional training equips teachers and administrators with specific, step by step, strategies for doing so while increasing their own understanding of underlying racial dynamics.

  • From Hurt to Healing: Understanding and Using the Power of Restorative Practices

  • Power Up! Strategies for Effectively Using Morning Circles

  • Restoring Relationships through Community Conferencing

Participants: Teachers, Students, Guidance Counselors, Administrators, Any Team or Collaborative Group

Restorative Practices have a long and distinguished history. When used effectively, they provide a responsible means of supporting healthy relationships and addressing the harm previously caused by hurtful behaviors. These two primary attributes of restorative practices provide educators with a time honored means of improving school culture and climate. They do so by creating a culture of accountability to address, prevent, and restore emotional and psychological health in situations wherein relationships have been violated. The "Hurt to Healing..." workshop series introduces restorative practices and equips teachers and school disciplinarians with the skills for immediate implementation and change in school environment.

Student Writing

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