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A Holistic Approach to STEM Education 

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What is a Holistic Approach to

STEM Education? 

Tier 1

Professional Development-
INCREASINg capacity for teaching and learning

Tier 2

STEM Programs-
Increasing exposure to
stem education

Tier 3

STEM-Based Literacy Initiatives-
increasing stem exposure through narrative fiction

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Our Mission

To provide students with substantive STEM experiences and to equip instructional leaders 

with the culturally responsive skills needed to

eliminate common impediments to students' success. 

About Us - Meet the Team!

Stephanie Daniels, MSEE

Engineer and Project Designer

Eugene Daniels, BS

"The Flying Man"
Licensed UAV Pilot 

Robin Daniels, EdD.

Professional Developer Administrator, Author  


STEM Literacy

Elgin and The Mysterious Twitch 
Teaching Science Concepts through Narrative Fiction

Twelve-year-old Elgin Fox woke up one gray morning with a mysterious problem. To solve it, he must pursue adventures to gather the scientific data needed to unravel this mystery.  Along the way, he must confront vulnerabilities in his self-esteem and and rising tensions between him and his peers. 

This interplay between logic and emotion gives this narrative depth and relational power. It enables students to learn a concept, called the Scientific Method, through the struggles of a beloved main character. Upper elementary and middle school students will identify with these struggles as they build their understanding of scientific processes. 

KINDLE EBOOK Elgin and The Mysterious Tw

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Project-based Learning

Smart City concepts enable students to work collaboratively while learning how technology is integrated into daily city life.

Learning about

INFLIGHT, LLC features various types of robots and how they work. Through hands on experiences, students explore, discuss, and learn scientific concepts and engineering designs.


Introduce students to a different perspective of the world through aerial photography and real - time aerial surveys.


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