A Holistic Approach to STEM Education 



    Tier 1:

Professional Development-

INCREASINg capacity for teaching and learning

This Tier 1 approach to STEM education includes informative trainings on culturally responsive instruction and restorative practices. Such trainings increase the cross-cultural understandings essential for working with students from diverse backgrounds. Such trainings also increase students' investment in learning by disrupting the socio-cultural barriers that often impede their pursuit of STEM courses.


At inflight, llc we understand that learning is more than strict academics. It involves the whole child including his/her social, emotional, economic and cultural histories. Our dynamic trainings are conducted by our lead consultant, Dr. Robin Daniels. For more information, see ABOUT US.

     Tier 2:

STEM Programs-

Increasing exposure to

stem education

Children are natural engineers. As soon as they are physically able, they begin to explore their world. Problem solving is a natural outcome of this exploration as children discern, through trial and error, how, for example, to build higher block towers and bigger sand castles or snow forts. 

At inflight, llc, we capitalize on and extend these natural tendencies by introducing students to scientific and engineering practices as defined by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you to achieve your goals. inflight, llc is a full STEM provider. We provide all the technology needed to fulfill service agreements.    

KINDLE EBOOK Elgin and The Mysterious Tw

    Tier 3:

STEM-Based Literacy Initiatives-

increasing stem exposure through narrative fiction

In June 2020, inflight, llc will launch its STEM Literacy initiative, called the Adventures of Elgin Fox. Elgin is a twelve year old boy (animated fox) with aspirations of becoming an engineer. By reading Elgin's perilous adventures, students learn science and engineering practices which they then use to help Elgin solve problems and save the day. 

Elgin can be read in Science classes to advance literacy skills or in English classes to introduce STEM concepts. Its intended audience is students in grades 5 - 8.  

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